Biome5 Environment & Biocarbon Specialists

Ground Breaking Environmental Research in Northern Australia

Biome5 is passionate about using our skill and experience in the field to develop and carry out a diverse range of groundbreaking research projects. We have been involved in a host of different research topics including:
  • Arid Zone Ecology
  • Biodiversity
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Conservation
  • Environmental Impact Management
  • Fauna and Flora
  • Fire Management
  • Forest Studies
  • Rainforests
  • Reforestation
  • Tropical Ecology
  • Woodland Studies
Please find out more about our current research focuses below.

Thiaki Rainforest Revegetation Project

Biome5 is currently involved in a research project at Thiaki that was set up with an ARC Linkage Grant in 2009. The Thiaki Rainforest Revegetation Project in the Wet Tropics region of Far North Queensland on the Atherton Tablelands is a collaboration with Charles Darwin University, James Cook University, University of Queensland, Adelaide University, Cambridge University and Lancaster University, all of whom were instrumental in developing the project. Post-graduate research students have included Toby Smith (UQ, PhD), Mia Derhé (Lancaster, doing PhD), Tegan Whitehead (Hons, JCU), Mason Campbell (JCU, finishing PhD), Anthony Moore (CDU, Hons), Sophie Connors (UQ, Hons), Lachlan Charles (UQ, Hons, doing PhD) and Gabriela Hidrobo Unda (JCU, MSc -HD). The other Key Partners, without whom the project would never have started are Stanwell Corporation, Greening Australia, and Terrain NRM Ltd. Please find more information on this fascinating project as it unfolds on subsequent pages.

Carbon Trading and Sequestration

As part of our research undertakings, Biome5 has been looking into carbon trading and sequestration methods, processes and policies. We have investigated the concept of ‘leakage’ in international and national carbon sequestration projects, as well as forest cleaning and incentives to reduce it, and improved methods of mensuration of forest and woodland stands in the Wet Tropics and other bioregions.

Northern Australian Flora and Fauna

Biome5 is also undertaking extensive research into the fauna and flora of the north Queensland savannas in the Northern Gulf and Cape York regions. Biological surveys of the Gulf Plains conducted from 2009 to 2011 showed that ground-dwelling fauna were affected severely by the floods, and are taking years to recover. A study of the status of the Golden-shouldered Parrot Psephotus chrysopterygius on Cape York for the Australian Department of Environment & Heritage has shown that its northern (Morehead River) population appears to have remained stable since the last survey (Preece et al. 2009).

Looking To The Future

At Biome5, we are always excited to investigate new opportunities for important research in the northern Queensland region. Indigenous ecological management and traditional knowledge are ongoing research interests.

For more information on any of our past, current or future research plans, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Biome5 today.

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